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Joe The Plumber

October 16, 2008

Joe Wurzelbacher.  He’s the bald guy on the right.  He says he’s a plumber in Ohio but he doesn’t have a license.  The name arose in last night’s presidential debate, but he won’t be heard of again after November 4th.  How soon we forget.


Hillary Just Says “No”

October 15, 2008

They were called ‘Yellow Dog Democrats’ because they were so ardent about their political party that they claimed they would vote for a yellow dog as long as they knew it was a Democrat.  I am a Dead Yellow Dog Anti-Hillary supporter, in that I will vote for a dead yellow dog as long as it’s not Hillary Clinton.  It has to do with her character.  Or lack thereof.  Yesterday was a day for celebration.  Saddled with tens of millions of dollars in campaign debt she told Fox News that the chances of her running for president again are near zero.  Let me hear an ‘AMEN.’  Keep her as far away from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. as possible.